1. Ok

  4. My German homework

  5. While I was in Paris, on an exchange semester, we had a class exhibition called secrets, curated by me.

    I exhibited these spy photos I took from all the people from my class when I thought they didn’t see me photographing them.


  6. I

    I was on the metro, going back home, when I saw a guy, one of those people with very bony cheeks. I saw him take off at Raspail and then saw another man that looked completely the same as the first one go in. They had the same clothes as well.


  7. -

    We were both on the couch, my knee was hitting the pillow. The pillow was hard, that’s why it was annoying me. In between moans I threw it on the floor violently.

    While letting off almost silent groans, he grabbed my neck and turned my head away with his child-like hand.

    I can remember a couple more scenes like these. That one when my teeth were chattering like crazy, the one after my birthday and the one when he had hugged me from behind.

    And I don’t remember anything else.

    That was the happiest time of my life. 

  8. Work I did to the entrance exam for Akademie der bildende Künste in Vienna. I had 24h (3 x 8h) to do anything I want in order to persuade the jury to take me in. I decided to find advice on the internet, typing how to get into an art school. 

    The first day I researched the web, mostly google and youtube, put the links in one document and wrote some comments.

    The second day I was rereading what I have found I drawing the main conclusions about what I ought to do to get accepted.

    Finally, the third day I presented the conclusions and made a pin board out of the table I was working on. 

  9. I took ID photographs from my friends and wrote certain facts about their lives on the back.

    The work is set as all the photos, with sentences facing the audience, are hung between two glasses in front of the third one so the reflections of the faces can barley be seen in the third glass, however not clearly enough to tell who is who.

    Translation of the middle ones in both zoomed in photos:

    1/ She had an abortion and her dad never found out.

    2/ She is a virgin.

    Photos: Marija Radosavljević